How it Works 


Our experiences are small group luxury trips - between 24 to 30 guests - and it all begins with a conversation.

Tell us a bit about yourself, who your travel companions are, and what brings you to our lovely shores. Share your hopes for your experience.

Through further conversations we’ll delve deeper into what makes you tick so we can manage your expectations as best we can.


You’ll be presented with the itinerary but to ensure that it is unique and isn’t duplicated by anyone else, many of the individual elements will remain a surprise until you arrive (some names of venues, speakers, events, etc.).


Q. Is there time to really enjoy          all the places on the itinerary? 

The reality of some of the other trips advertised is that you spend very little time in each area.


 We prefer to give you a more detailed view of the various locations, ensuring more time to enjoy and discover them,  rather than a whistle-stop shuttle, cramming in as many places as possible.  


But, we do understand that time may not allow this so we do our very best to show you the most interesting sights in the day.

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